The Phone Call


What is being advertised?

RadioShack’s store update


Why is it being advertised?

To publicly recognize that their stores are outdated, and to inform customers of their new updates


Who is the intended target?

Current and potential RadioShack customers


What’s the connection between the product’s message and the target’s need?

RadioShack customers and non-customers are turned off by RadioShack’s outdated stores. The ad informs those unimpressed by RadioShack’s out-of-date style that they are aware that they are behind the times, and that they are making a serious effort to improve.


What’s the single most important thing (10 words or less) being communicated in the ad?

RadioShack is updating its stores.


How do the visuals support and communicate the single most important thing?

The visuals are the most entertaining part of the ad. Seeing all of the 80s icons uniting to tear down the RadioShack store is both hilarious and effective.


How does the copy support and communicate the single most important thing?

The line “The 80s called; they want their store back,” is simple yet encompasses the message that RadioShack is trying to send. Wrapping up the ad with “It’s time for a new RadioShack” also supports the message that RadioShack is making a significant change to please its customers.


How does the context or media placement communicate the single most important thing?

The media placement was a wise move by RadioShack, as this was a Super Bowl TV spot. Not only did the ad reach a record-breaking number of viewers, but the message reached them on a medium that is relevant to the RadioShack brand. The fact that the majority of the 80s characters were found on TV back in the day also tied in the choice of a TV spot nicely.