Childlike Imagination


What is being advertised?



Why is it being advertised?

To highlight the company’s innovative operations and products and to emphasize GE’s efforts to preserve the enviornment


Who is the intended target?

Environmentalists and/or technology enthusiasts


What’s the connection between the product’s message and the target’s need?

The ad appeals to both environmentalists and tech enthusiasts by showcasing both GE’s cutting edge technology and interest in the environment.


What’s the single most important thing (10 words or less) being communicated in the ad?

GE combines revolutionary, environmentally-friendly products


How do the visuals support and communicate the single most important thing?

The art direction of this TV spot is incredible. The visuals support the dreamy  tone of the young girl’s narration. The art direction of this ad is just as imaginative as the operations and products the narrator speaks of.


How does the copy support and communicate the single most important thing?

The narration of the young girl is innocent and imaginative, yet the audience can interpret precisely what each product and operation being described is. The choice to explain GE’s company through the voice of a young girl makes the message even more enchanting and unique than any competitor’s ad.


How does the context or media placement communicate the single most important thing?

TV allows the audience to visually experience the narration as if they are peering into the young narrator’s mind. A print at would have been effective as well, but the TV spot lets GE highlight multiple products and operations (whereas print could realistically only support one per ad), captivates the audience with striking motion graphics, and allows the audience to actually hear the young girl’s voice, making them connect on a more personal level.