What is being advertised?



Why is it being advertised?

To introduce the OLED TV and to offer a size comparison to emphasize the product’s USP


Who is the intended target?

Tech-enthusiasts, innovators, early adapters, wealthier demographics


What’s the connection between the product’s message and the target’s need?

The product’s message—OLED is the world’s slimmest TV


What’s the single most important thing (10 words or less) being communicated in the ad?

The OLED TV is the world’s slimmest TV.


How do the visuals support and communicate the single most important thing?

There are hardly any visuals at work here with the exception of typeface and color choice, both of which contribute to the brand’s sleekness. This ad relies almost entirely on copy and placement.


How does the copy support and communicate the single most important thing?

The copy simply states the LG’s OLED is the world’s slimmest TV—the single most important message. The reader is rewarded when they make the connection with the ad’s placement.


How does the context or media placement communicate the single most important thing?

The media placement is the most creative aspect of this ad. Not only does it break away from traditional print advertising, but it also showcases the product’s USP by connecting the TV’s thinness to that of the magazine’s.