Avoiding Humans



GSD&M has done it again. The wonderfully weird minds of this Austin ad agency have created something brilliant: the Avoid Humans app. Launched at this year’s SXSW festival, this app allows its users to easily seek out the most desolate nearby destinations in order to literally avoid humans. This is an introvert’s dream. Particularly Austinite introverts who wish to evade the monstrous crowds that SXSW inevitably attracts year after year. With the festival expanding more and more each March, allowing for massive corporate takeover to flood all areas of downtown Austin, many Austinites and other SXSW veterans are unhappy with the direction this Austin tradition is heading. GSD&M recognized this and cleverly took advantage of the negative feelings about SXSW boiling up among Austin locals by launching their app at a time when these people would appreciate it most. App launches are of course a regular part of SXSW, but only GSD&M made one targeted at their own local Austinites, following the shared attitude of “Yes, Austin is great, visitors, but please leave immediately and don’t even think about moving here.” This app is humorous and useful for all people, but GSD&M was pretty sharp to keep their locals in mind by launching just in time to help them avoid the massive SXSW herds of humans.