A Quaint, Tiny Town That is (Literally) Unreal



Have you ever seen something so remarkable? Michael Paul Smith’s crafted tiny town is so artfully fashioned down to each and every detail that it is almost impossible to believe that it doesn’t exist on a real-life level. From miniature porch lights to luminous street puddles, no tiny element is overlooked by Smith. Not only has he perfected his craft of constructing this charming, tiny environment, but he is also a skilled photographer. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his photographs of “Elgin Park” is the fact that he uses the real life surrounding scenery to act as the background for the tiny town he has created in his daytime shots. He has learned to position the camera in such a way that the trees around him become the trees growing behind the buildings of “Elgin Park,” and he could not have done a more perfect job. For his night shots, he creates dark, foggy backdrops to set up behind the little buildings and installs lights in the windows of shops and houses. I am in awe of his attention to detail in each of his sets and photos. I am also a big fan of his selfie pictures that feature Smith himself with his tiny masterpieces.

Seeing these images reminded me of my younger years as an interior design enthusiast. When I was in elementary school, I dedicated the vast majority of my free time to meticulously decorating a Barbie house I had been given as a little girl. Never much of a Barbie fan, I focused on setting up tiny furniture and knick knacks—both handmade and handed down to me from my grandma—rather than spending time dressing up the Barbie dolls to play with. Maybe one day I’ll rekindle my appreciation for miniature décor and create my own “Elgin Park.”


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