“A Lot Worth Erasing”



I’m a big fan of street art. I love the raw form of self-expression and the anonymity that comes with it. I think that this take on the art form is particularly interesting for several reasons.

Street art is all about the artist’s contribution to the city, but Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier put an interesting spin on street art by doing the “opposite” of contributing. Rather than adding to city walls and objects they are taking away, “erasing” graffiti, images, and even street signs. The quote from the artists saying that there is “a lot worth erasing” sparks some deeper thought as well. With cities’ advertising clutter, walls conquered by graffiti artists, and forests of street signs there is a lot of noise within urban areas across the world. Which messages are worthy? Which ones deserve to stand and which should fall? Which aspects of culture are disgraceful or in poor taste? And what icons promote these distasteful ideas and habits? Beek and Sarier’s work raises a question of worth among the streets of London.

Additionally, I find the merging of the digital and analogue worlds particularly intriguing. Bringing a feature of a digital art platform into a real world setting is a neat idea. Beek and Sarier’s choice to place their eraser art in areas concentrated with designers was a smart idea. I’m sure their imagery and message resonate well with the local audience.